Troy is deeply concerned about quality of life issues facing our families today.  Affordable housing is at a tipping point where it is nearly impossible to own a home.  Many of the classmates he grew up with have decided that it is too hard to live on Maui or have never returned to the islands from college.  They feel there are better opportunities elsewhere.  This must change.

Troy believes in:

√ An infusion of funding for each counties affordable housing fund to allow government to better assist in subsidies such as covering infrastructure costs or minimizing risks for those wanting to build large-scale affordable housing.

√ Greater incentives for the creation of affordable housing – including tax breaks or streamlining the entitlement process to allow construction to begin.

√ Construction of high density affordable homes – it is important that to save on price, a number of affordable units are built at a time.  We must focus on high-density rather than simply just single family homes at this time.

Infrastructure continues to be an issue with many deferred road projects making our traffic congestion even worse.  Most importantly, a strong investment must be made for our next generation.  Adequate funding and facilities for education and economic development is the only way we will be able to see a brighter future.

Troy believes in:

√ Ensuring appropriate infrastructure investments are made to our roadways, including the completion of the Lahaina bypass, where many residents of District 8 travel on a daily basis.

√ Investing in our schools, including the upkeep of existing buildings and seeing the completion of a new middle school in Central Maui.

√ Adequate resources being delivered to the classroom and an increased level of teacher pay.

√ More majors offered at Maui college, including additional technical trades and a school of education to train K-12 teachers right here on Maui who will invest in our future students.

Quality health care is crucial to our residents.  With the hospital transferring from the State to Kaiser, it is important to ensure a high standard of care continues to be delivered.

Troy believes in:

√ Continuing to deliver the needed State resources to the hospital in this time of transition.

√ Support the employees of the hospital to continue receive fair wages and benefits.

√ Push to continue localizing care and bringing additional specialties so care can be done here on Maui.